Spherocity is an artistic community established to cultivate self-expression in a fluid and organic way.

We encourage people to creatively express themselves, then as a group step up and support individuals in their own vision without inserting our own goals into the process. -- even if our personal choices may differ. We do this out of respect and love for each other.... The tables are turned as each person pursues their own projects and the group members contribute support, when able and as necessary.

We have fun spending time together - focusing fully on the PLAYful aspect of creating in our lives and in our work. While we are goal oriented, it is never at the expense of nurturing the group dynamic.

The energy that results in this non-traditional process is proving to be transformative and inspirational to everyone it touches. Spherocity embraces everyone who agrees with our ideology and desires to participate.

Welcome to, a Los Angeles based Burning Man community. This year's theme is Beyond Belief. [It's been years and I still have a copy of the photos if people want them, but I've read there was a security flaw with the image gallery so I removed it. I doubt people still come here, but if they do I can be called at 310-961-8496 (Webdaddy/Paul). I'd put an email but that'll just attract spammers.]

You can sign up for the spherocity or chat mailing lists.

Be sure you've filled out the survey for planning purposes.

Our camp was located at Dogma and Dubious 5:00 for 2003. From the Playa Map we were really close to center camp!

There are a couple maps of the village, sean's revised map.